UFI Software version

WARNING: Do not rename "BRAND" and "MODEL" list to be different as at support site, certain features might not working properly

General Changes:
  • Software version numbering changed
  • ADD: Extract support for RAR5 file format
  • ADD: System information for Android A/B system is now readed correctly 
  • ADD: Improved reading system information for Android Oreo and Project Treble system
Android ToolBox Changes:

ADD: Meizu Qualcomm EDL with authorization flashing support,Currently supported models:  
  • Meizu 15
  • Meizu 15 LITE
  • Meizu 16th
  • Meizu 16X
Internet connection required for remote authentication
  • ADD: Xiaomi Anti-Rollback repair via EDL 
  • Note that newer Xiaomi devices require more authentication(Qualcomm and MediaTek model)
  • Some models has a bug which allow us to use "older" firehose without custom auth and some others had a bug to bypass custom auth.
Currently supported models: 
  • Redmi Note 5, Mi 6X (SDM660)
  • Redmi S2/Y2, Mi MAX3 (MSM8953)
 ADD: Revised Xiaomi Reset Mi Account Lock routine to support Oreo based MIUI

ADD: Qualcomm EDL Special tasks
  • Patch boot image(disable dm-verity, encryption) - oem sig  
  • Patch boot image(disable dm-verity, encryption) - sig overflow 
  • Switch to Global for Oreo based MIUI
  • ADD: Xiaomi sideload(MIUI Recovery) support, use the toggle button to switch between normal and MIUI sideload
  • ADD: Xiaomi Wipe data via MIUI recovery
  • ADD: Removed fastboot quick task, changed to fastboot special task
  • ADD: Motorola fastboot flashing support(correct parsing for xml file)
  • ADD: Motorola Bypass FRP Lock in the fastboot special task menu
  • ADD: USB connection status which will be usefull to identify problem caused by usb communication while flashing
  • ADD: Bypass FRP Lock(Bypass setup wizard) in the adb special task menu
  • ADD: Disable MIUI Service for non rooted devices in the adb special task menu
  • ADD: Extract support for newest OFP files
  • BUGFIX: QCN write bug fixed
  • BUGFIX: EDL flashing issue on old chipset
  • BUGFIX: EDL flashing issue with some Oppo devices with VIP enabled bug fixed
  • BUGFIX: Mediatek BROM version auto selection on older chipset
  • BUGFIX: Spreadtrum fdl load handler when working with PAC files directly(without extract)
  • BUGFIX: Bug while listing provisioning file resulting duplicate files
  • BUGFIX: Bug while listing multi(lun) rawprogram for devices with ufs storage
  • BUGFIX: Minor bugfixes and improvements


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